Consolidated meeting point in the heart of Milan

Cafè Metropolis

Cafè Metropolis is a consolidated meeting point in the heart of Milan, for any occasion of the day. Inaugurated in 2008, the Metropolis is an ambitious project, which has become a reality thanks to the synergy between some of the best PR in Milan.

Dinner Bistrot

Cafè Metropolis offers a new concept of venue, of Dinner Bistrot, of Cocktail Bar, with a suggestive outdoor area in the warmer months. From the “Italian” breakfasts, to the quality of its cuisine, from the variety of its list of drinks and cocktails to the aperitif, to the varied and assorted buffet.


Cafè Metropolis is ideal for parties, birthdays, dinners and corporate events. The staff of Cafè Metropolis will be able to support any type of organization need, with possible DJs and various entertainment possibilities.