A different experience from that of a traditional restaurant

Ristorante Verso

Ristorante Verso welcomes you in a pleasant and informal setting, offering its guests a different experience and perspective from that of a traditional restaurant. A refined culinary offer, created under the eyes of the guest who can thus appreciate the transformation of raw materials live.

The cuisine

An open, enlarged kitchen, bordering on the space that would naturally be assigned to it, dissolving the barrier between dining room and kitchen. Thanks to this setting, the guest can enjoy the opportunity to receive a more in-depth explanation of the dishes directly from the chefs, and to satisfy any culinary curiosity.

The Capitaneo brothers

Remo and Mario Capitaneo, brothers born in ’82 and ’85, of Apulian origin, moved to Milan at a very young age to pursue their passion by working in the kitchens of large restaurants. Complementary and close-knit, Remo more rational and pragmatic, Mario more extroverted and creative, they are united by love and dedication to cooking.